translated from Spanish: Dalma Maradona in full quarantine: “I need to see Boca play urgently”

Another virtual guest that Filo.toón had was Dalma Maradona, who claimed to be enjoying being at home with her husband and her one-year-old daughter, because as her husband works hard they are taking the opportunity to have several moments the three together. As for her family, she said they communicate by video call quite often: “My mom is desperate to see the grandchildren, it’s very difficult. My daughter sees my mom and cries, starts kissing the phone. She’s obviously small and doesn’t understand why she can’t see her grandmother,” she said.

Rome, Dalma’s daughter

Under that same line she was consulted by motherhood, on which she assumed: “At the beginning of I could not think of anything other than how to survive Rome (her daughter), because it was really very difficult. The issue of breastfeeding, knowing each other, living with a baby.” She also said sincerely: “I have a full anger with my friends who said, ‘Oh motherhood is the cutest thing there is. It’s wonderful. He doesn’t have bad times.’ They all lied to my face and I hit a wall!” While I know I have a lot of amenities, I found it very difficult to be a mom because I came up with this fairy tale of my friends that I didn’t think so,” added Diego Armando Maradona’s daughter, and being Maradona’s daughter couldn’t help but the key question: How is it for a Maradona not to have football? “I’m desperate, I need to see Boca play urgently,” he said. Anyway he made it clear, showing his sentimental side, that what he misses the most in the world right now is his nephew Benjamin.

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