translated from Spanish: Millions of people line up to receive food in The United States

As a result of the economic parathesis generated by the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people lost their jobs, and the lack of money is beginning to become visible. Long lines and hours of waiting for free food are scenes that are replicated throughout the United States.

Food banks, which already catered to a vulnerable population, multiplied distribution, but fear they will not be able to cope with growing demand. From New Orleans to Detroit to New York, where the municipal government distributes free breakfast, lunch and dinner to various parts of the city, the need for a desperate population becomes visible. These are people who have lost their jobs and therefore their income, and are awaiting the arrival of a federal government check, which passed a grand plan to support the economy in late March. But for some of them, like millions of paperless immigrants, mostly of Latin American origin, there will be no check, the U.S. government warned.

«We’ve been carrying about 227 tons of food at this center,» said Brian Gulish, vice president of the food bank in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At the same time, he expressed concern as to whether this situation grows. Food banks, including the 200 local subsidiaries of the Feeding America network, are receiving exceptional donations from both anonymous and renowned entrepreneurs in the country, such as Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon.In this note:

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