translated from Spanish: Senator Allamand (RN) rules against reopening malls but in favor of return of public officials

National Renewal Senator Andrés Allamand put the spotlight on people’s health and noted that this should be the priority. For this reason, he said he did not agree with the reopening of malls and shopping malls that are intended to be carried out according to a protocol. In his view, this «does not appear today as an indispensable measure».
It should be noted that from the National Chamber of Commerce they stressed the importance of this sector reopening its doors, as they ensure that 50 thousand jobs were lost during the first quarter, and if the current situation remained, the figure could soar twice. «We can’t kill all economic activity to save lives,» said Carlos Soublette, general manager of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce. On the contrary, Senator Allamand, if he believes it is essential that public sector workers can gradually, carefully and with all precautionary measures, return to their work.
«Today the state needs to function, mainly so that aid to people and SMEs can arrive in a timely manner,» he said.
Let us remember that through an office signed by the Ministers of Interior and Finance, the secretary of state and officials of the respective portfolios were instructed to return to office work from Monday. While the measure would be applied gradually and does not include people in the at-risk population, the mandate has been criticized from different flanks.

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