translated from Spanish: 82% of tenants paid rent in CABA

In the midst of the pandemic, 82% of the tenants of the City of Buenos Aires managed to pay their rent according to a survey disseminated by the Professional College of Real Estate Brokers. In addition, three out of four paid in time and form and only a quarter did so with deferral. Of the few who did not pay (18%), 76% explained that due to quarantine they have economic problems, and the rest (24%) they blamed the payment chain, which, due to the situation is not working normally, although it would be resolved in the coming days indicated by the real estate brokers.

The entity explained: «These data show that, despite the difficulties of the moment, local relations continue to function in a stable manner in the context of the health crisis and the mandatory isolation that is being experienced.» He confirmed, «Real estate professionals continue to remotely carry out their intermediation work between landlords and tenants.» Finally, he clarified that the role of real estate «is to bring the parties closer to this difficult time, waiting to be considered ‘essential activity’ and return to their full functions, so that they can assist those who are injured today their right of access to housing.»

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