translated from Spanish: Edomex enlists COVID hospitals for the most critical stage of the pandemic

To cope with the days when there will be more people with COVID-19 who require hospitalization, intensive therapy rooms and people who need to be connected to a ventilator in order to breathe, the government of the State of Mexico reorganized its hospital network.
The goal of mexiquense administration, which has 70 hospitals, is for six of them to be exclusively cared for patients with COVID-19; In addition, in another 19 have complete floors properly insulated and protected for COVID patients.
It is also sought that in the rest of the hospitals there are special areas that allow the recovery of less serious cases, but that require a hospital bed with isolation.
With all this, the Mexican government assured that there will be COVID hospitals in all regions of the entity: the Valley of Mexico, the Toluca Valley, the north and in the south.
«We are the state with the largest hospital infrastructure and we have the largest health system in all of Mexico, but we are also the state with the largest population and therefore we will have many patients with COVID-19 who will need medical care,» said the governor, Alfredo del Mazo in a message spread on social networks.
According to the representative, the most critical time of the pandemic is approaching, so it was necessary to reorganize the hospital network, expand it and acquire more equipment and instruments to face the days to come.
«As we already know, the last week of April and the first weeks of May will be the most difficult. During those days we will have the most positive cases,» he said.
The reorganization of hospitals in the State of Mexico also involved the installation of an inflatable hospital with 60 beds in Ecatepec, and the adaptation of auditoriums such as Tonanitla, the Toluca Exhibition Center and others, to install 500 extra beds.
«We acquired a thousand 310 beds to strengthen health services. Of these, 260 are intensive care beds, we have acquired additional fans that will allow us to care for the most serious patients and save their lives,» Del Mazo said.
In his message, he reiterated the call to the population to stay at home as the main strategy to prevent contagion.
«The more people are still at home these days, in the most difficult weeks, we will be able to better care for the most serious sufferers of Coronavirus, so I ask them again to stay home and if they have the need to leave, remember to keep their safe distance and use the mouth cover,» the representative asked.

We’re getting ready for the toughest weeks. #Edoméx #CuidemosTodosDeTodos #Covid_19mx.
— Alfredo Del Mazo (@alfredodelmazo) April 20, 2020

Recognition of medical staff
Alfredo del Mazo also emphasized that doctors and nurses of the entity have been given the necessary equipment to protect themselves and that they can continue to do their job.
«I want to express a well-deserved appreciation and enormous thanks to all the doctors, nurses and workers in the Health Sector because they are the ones on the front line of battle in the face of this pandemic,» he said in his message.
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