translated from Spanish: France: Found traces of Covid-19 in non-drinking water network

The Mayor of Paris who has Anne Hidalgo as representative announced a few hours ago the presence of traces of the coronavirus at four of the twenty-seven distribution points of non-drinking water in the French capital. The news was accompanied by an official statement from which they commented that there is “no risk” of contamination of drinking water. What happens is that Paris has a system of two separate water plants, the drinking and the non-drinking. The latter, they stated ,it feeds on what we call ‘gross’ water, taken from the River Seine and the Ourcq Canal, which is sent to the grid without heavy treatment”.

It is used for the irrigation of parks and public gardens, the cleaning of the streets of the city, as well as to supply lakes and waterfalls in the green spaces. In this line is that Celia Blauel, responsible for the Ecological Transition for the city, reiterated in line with the Mayor’s State that there is no risk that the water that Parisians drink will be contaminated: “These are very small traits, but we decided to apply the precautionary principle and warn the Regional Health Agency,” he said. It is worth remembering that in both confirmed cases as well as deceased, France is the fourth country most affected by coronavirus behind the United States, Italy and Spain with 19,718 death and 154,098 infected. In this note:

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