translated from Spanish: From National Awards to «Aunt Pikachu»: broad statement of rejection of the return to work of public officials

The demonstrations of rejection of the trade union associations and persons of the opposition to the government’s office for public officials to resume face-to-face work were joined by a cross-cutting statement signed by mayors, parliamentarians and personalities such as Fernando Atria, Anita Tijoux and Javiera Contador.
The statement notes that the announcements «put economic interest in the health and life of Chileans. We believe it is an irresponsible attitude and we call for compatibility and the most demanding health measures with an effective social protection plan that safeguards the income and employment of workers.» «It seems legitimate to us that workers decide not to go to their jobs in the coming days (…) they have the full right not to obey an order that puts their health and life at risk,» the statement states.
They add «we find it legitimate for workers to decide not to go to their jobs in the coming days.» They add to the above their commitment «to defend, using the legal tools and policies available, their right to life and physical integrity».
The initiative was managed by Fernando Atria, President of Fuerza Común, political party in the process of training. Among the signatories are the mayors Jorge Sharp de Valparaíso, Gonzalo Durán de Independencia, Claudio Castro de Renca, Claudia Pizarro de La Pintana and Adolfo Millabur de Tirúa.
Among the parliamentarians, it is endorsed by deputy-amplist Gabriel Boric, socialist MEP Maya Fernández and Senators Francisco Huenchumilla (DC) and Juan Ignacio Latorre (RD).
They are joined by personalities such as Daniel Stingo, James Hamilton, actresses Mariana Loyola and Javiera Contador, actor Alfredo Castro and the National Awards Manuel Antonio Garretón and Faride Zerán. From the social organizations support Katta Alonso, the women in sacrificial zones collective, Doris González of the Movement of People Ukamau, Margarita Romero, President Association for Memory and Human Rights Colonia Dignidad and Giovanna Grandón, known as the «Aunt Pikachu» of the protests of the social outburst.

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