translated from Spanish: Video: He went to the supermarket during quarantine and ran into a sheep

The main measure to counteract the advance of coronavirus is to maintain social isolation, preventive and mandatory. This implies that, the lower circulation of individuals on the street and public spaces, the virus decreases the chances of spread and contagion. However, with confinement what increased is the exit and/or appearance of various species and that many natural landscapes were restored without overexploitation and environmental pollution.

In Venice, crystal clear water was appreciated (as in Cartagena, Colombia) and even dolphins were seen; while in South Africa lions were spotted napping on the asphalt. This is in addition to the guanacos who went for a walk along the beaches of Puerto Pirámides, and the cougars that circulated in Santiago de Chile.

In Argentina, sea lions were seen in the port of Mar del Plata, ñandúes in Bahía Blanca, foxes in the garden of a neighbor of Ushuaia, ducks in Cordoba, coatíes in Misiones and yacarés in Formosa. And in the last few hours, a sheep in Lanús? That’s right. The fact was made known to the user @SebaGranate through his social networks, where he shared a video in which he is seen chatting with the animal, who is frightened and flees. «I went to the supermarket and found a sheep on the street. This is Lanús,» he wrote when he published the recording.

He went shopping and found a sheep Source: Twitter

One more episode that leaves us reflecting on the intervention of man in natural landscapes and species, consumption, urbanization and unmeasured globalization, at a time when science, health and multiple areas, work to save the world from the pandemic. In this note:

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