translated from Spanish: Enel publishes its first integrated report, the new consolidated annual report of 2019

For the first time, the Enel Group has integrated financial and non-financial data and information into the 2019 Consolidated Annual Report, which underlines the strong link between the Group’s financial performance and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations.
«The new Consolidated Annual Report has the ambition of being the first concrete example of an ‘integrated report’ at the service of all our stakeholders,» said Alberto de Paoli, Chief Financial Officer of Grupo Enel. «We have changed our focus on building the Report because for us the integration between business and sustainability is real: in our strategy, in our operations, in our results and therefore also in the way we count it. In this way, the Consolidated Annual Report has evolved in its content and fruitiness to become a narrative tool at the service of all our stakeholders.»
The new structure of the Management Report provides financial and non-financial information, together with its mutual interconnections, within four fundamental pillars: Governance, illustrating the Group’s governing bodies and its organizational model, how they play an active role in the field of sustainability as well as being facilitating factors in the fight against climate change; Strategy and Risk Management, which focuses on the Group’s 2020-2022 strategy and the description of risks and opportunities; Performance and Metrics, detailing the Group’s financial and non-financial performance, with an integrated vision in line with Enel’s business model; andPerspecatives, which summarizes the most significant aspects of the evolution of the enel Group’s operations.
The Report also integrates information on climate change, which is presented in accordance with the recommendations of the Working Group on the Disclosure of Climate-Related Financial Information (TCFD), as well as environmental, social and governance factors (ESG).
The new Consolidated Annual Report has become the central document of the Group’s corporate information, leaving the most detailed information addressed to specific categories of stakeholders to the other documents, such as the Sustainability Report and the Corporate Governance and Property Structure Report.
To ensure better access to its content, the new Consolidated Annual Report 2019 is also published through a digital tool that allows access from a single point of entry to all information documents made available by the Group, favoring an interconnected and personalized navigation according to the areas of interest of the readers:

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