translated from Spanish: They offer $1000 to watch all the “Harry Potter” movies

In full coronavirus quarantine, cinema becomes a form of entertainment for thousands of people, whether it’s watching some outstanding premieres, as well as the classics that never fail.

In this sense, the university website EDsmart, famous for its rankings, offered $1000 for watching all the 10 “Harry Potter” films, which includes “Fantastic Animals”. In addition, they will also award a $200 bonus to redeem on products related to the saga and also each of the movies in blu-ray format.How to participate? to do so will require meeting a number of requirements; everyone must be of legal age, only U.S. residents, will have to be fans of the movies and be active on social media, to comment on Twitter about the experience in real time. The form can be completed until May 15. This way, it will be more than 25 hours that the winner or winner must be in front of the screen. “Once the magic marathon and live tweets are over, the winner will rate each movie and we will publish the results,” they explained from the web. The truth is that the proposal thrilled hundreds of fans and fans, who defined it as “the work of dreams”: “The right candidate will be chosen by the Selector Hat,” the site said. In this note:
Harry Potter
Fantastic animals

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