translated from Spanish: Delivery app dealers make a 24-hour stoppage

This Wednesday, the delivery workers in the delivery app perform an international general shutdown for 24 hours, in order to demand wage improvements and also denounce the labor precariousness of the sector. For this reason, members of PedidosYa, Glovo or Rappi met at 16 o’clock in the Obelisk and elsewhere in the country to make this demand visible in full quarantine by the coronavirus pandemic. With the motto #22ANoReparto, the measure is backed by Glovers Unidos Argentina, the Distribution Workers Association (ATR), Glovers Unidos España, Glovers Ecuador, Glovers Costa Rica, Glovers Elite of Guatemala, and Dealers of Peru.

«Without response from companies and with a blind eye from governments, the delivery men organized ourselves on a single international front of fighting for our most urgent demands,» the convening organizations said, in a joint statement. The main needs are related to «safety and hygiene elements and 100% increase in the payment per order by the company, without this implying an increase in the customer’s fee». They will also claim «quality and quantity hygiene materials, gel alcohol, beards and gloves» after denouncing that companies in the sector give them «elements in eyedroppers», which means that it is the workers themselves who must buy them, while it was remembered that they are charging «the same as two years ago» and that «the pay is not fixed». In this note:
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