translated from Spanish: Lavín announces mall opening next week: «Let’s do a controlled pilot experience»

As a «controlled pilot experience» qualified the mayor of Las Condes, Joaquín Lavín, the opening of a mall in the commune that will be held next week.
According to Emol, the building made it clear that the decision is that for the time being, the malls do not open, although he said it is in talks with the sector for the next steps.
Lavín said that «the decision at the moment is that in Las Condes the malls do not open, that is the decision. We are in conversations with them, it is a complex issue, because the malls are like a city, it has many entrances, a lot of diversity of shops, we do not want to happen what happened in Quilpué that opened and then had to close.»
Regarding the opening of the mall next week, whose name did not disclose, he noted that «what we are going to do as a commune is a controlled pilot experience with a mall next week, to see exactly how it works, what needs to be done, what are the corresponding measures».
The municipal authority further held that «everything will be done by common accord, not only with them (the shopping malls) but also with health standards and with people».
But despite the measure, from the retail world they have asked for caution. In conversation with Emol, its president Paula Valverde called it a «madness» to begin reopening during April, adding that it should be done from the second week of May.

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