translated from Spanish: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson donate blood for coronavirus research

“It’s me, our old friend. Don’t panic, this shaved head was for a movie. Now my hair is growing very slowly”, with these words and the sympathetic humor that characterizes it, Tom Hanks presented the Saturday Night Live (SNL) program from his home in Los Angeles, last April 11.
It was the actor’s first public appearance, after his wife, Actress Rita Wilson confirmed that they had coronavirus on March 12 through their social media. “We felt a little tired, like we were cold, and we had muscle aches. Rita had chills coming and going. Also some fever,” they said in that post.

Ton Hanks made it known that he had coronavirus Source: Instagram

When the test was taken, they were both in Australia for the filming of the new project that Hanks will participate in, a biopic about Elvis Presley led by Baz Luhrmann. Now, again in the United States, it was learned that the pair of actors donated their blood in pursuit of coronavirus research. According to the Daily Mail medium in its online edition, on return to Los Angeles both studies were carried out to determine the presence of antibodies that could be used in the development of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, recovered from COVID-19

Since the presence of antibodies could be confirmed, both Rita and Tom donated their blood to science contribution in times where researchers and specialists work against the clock. The actor even learned about the name that the vaccine might be given: Hank-ccine. Details about his fight against coronavirus
In dialogue with the public radio show The National Defense, the 63-year-old actor gave more details about what the battle period was against COVID-19. “The truth is that Rita had a much worse time than I did, her fever was much higher and also suffered other effects. He completely lost the senses of taste and smell. For much of the three weeks, I couldn’t enjoy the food at all. He was nauseous frequently and could do nothing but crawl on the floor so he could go to the bathroom. It was all longer than expected,” he said.
“The staff was very friendly and helpful. A nurse asked me one day how I was doing and I said, ‘Something really weird is happening to me, I tried to stretch and I couldn’t even do it.’ I stared through his glasses as if he were talking to the dumbest man in the world and merely replied, ‘You have Covid-19,'” added the protagonist of renowned films such as “Shipwreck” and “Forrest Gump,” always from the mood. In this note:

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