translated from Spanish: Camilo Moya: «My reference is Marcelo Díaz»

Camilo Moya, a young midfielder at the University of Chile, revealed that Marcelo Díaz is his reference in football and pointed to the current coach of the ‘Roja’ Sub 17, Cristián Leiva, as a key in his training as a player and specifically as a containment flyer. Moya, 22, has become one of the high points of the cast led by Hernán Caputto at the start of the 2020 National Championship, now postponed by the coronavirus pandemic. In conversation with the CDF, the midfielder told that «my reference is Marcelo Díaz. I saw it a lot when he was in the ‘U’ and the selection, and because of the style of play he has is my reference.» Regarding how he learned to move around the middle zone, the player who has brief steps through the Spanish Getafe ‘B’ and St. Louis pointed out that «one of the coaches who put me there was Meneghini (in the lower ‘U’), and in the afternoons, when we trained as a projection group he put me the ‘Flaco’ Leiva who worked with Sampaoli , and he taught me the movements he taught Marcellus in the first team, and they were of great help.» Moya also referred to the participation of the ‘Roja’ U 23 in the Pre-Olympic of Colombia, where the combination of Bernardo Redín came close to qualifying for the final phase.» If you look, in the group of us, there were no injuries and that realizes that we took the preparation for the tournament very seriously even though we did not have preparation matches. I think we played him equally to all teams,» he said. Finally, the steering wheel told the step it has had in the blue frame. «At first I knew I was going to have a hard time getting a headline. There was the Rafa (Caroca) that helped me a lot in the idea of striving for when the opportunity came to me. I remained mindful of moving on and no doubt Caputto’s arrival did me great to grab the rhythm one wants,» he said.

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