translated from Spanish: Daughter of Andrea Legarreta boasts her luxurious 15th-year-old dress

Andrea Legarreta did not feel like seeing her daughter in a beautiful 15-year-old dress and bought her a spectacular one which she looked on social media leaving her fans excited, but more so to the happy birthday girl who posed the most flirtatious in the photos. With a very discreet pastel color you can see Mía next to an arrangement of flowers which highlighted more her design, in addition she wore a very simple hairstyle because she did not want to fall into exaggeration so it caught more the attention of her followers who sent her hundreds of compliments.

Thank you for all the love and affection that you have given me these 15 years and nothing better than celebrating with my family22/04/20 Thank you, wrote Mia in the photo that reached more than 50 thousand likes.
Meanwhile her famous mother once again did not get the urge and got rid of flattery to congratulate Mia who gets more and more beautiful.

May God fill you with blessings always cute love!!  Happy 15!! And happy life!! I love you infinitely, wrote Andrea who broke down in tears on the today show by remembering the birth of the young woman.

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Original source in Spanish

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