translated from Spanish: Interior rejected «discriminatory acts» of migrants and highlighted measures taken for this population

This afternoon the Minister of the Interior, Gonzalo Blumel, repudiated the «discriminatory acts» towards the migrant population due to the covid-19 cases recorded in two cités of the Metropolitan Region, Quilicura and Central Station.In that instance the Secretary of State stated that «in the case of the cités it is absolutely repudiable any discriminatory act or action of that nature», emphasized, further stressing that «we have been working with the regional intendency and the health authority that have been taking the actions coordination to resolve that situation.» In addition, he referred to the government’s measures in terms of the migrant population.» We have taken a set of measures, I personally presented a couple of weeks ago several, for example, the vast majority that must be done by digital means which has facilitated access to the documentation,» he said. Blumel explained that the situation has «favored its health conditions to avoid the crowds that were usually observed» in the Department of Foreign Affairs.» We have also extended the validity of identity card to precisely facilitate access to public services. We’ve been channeling all of that through the Department of Foreign Affairs,» he concluded.

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