translated from Spanish: Mauricio Pinilla for sales of salaries in clubs: «I find it unusual»

Mauricio Pinilla criticized the steps that clubs are taking to suspend players’ contracts, by taking the employment protection law. A situation Coolo Colo is experiencing, according to what its leaders announced this morning. «I find it a little unusual. With Coquimbo we have worked in line, the club has not discounted anything and we were told that we will continue to be paid, we do sign the holidays, although as a squad we understand that we must continue working because we do not know when football returns,» said the striker of the cast Pirata. «The club has had admirable behavior. As we continue to work as a campus, with a daily guideline and contact with the technical staff and the psychological area,» Pinilla added. He also cooled to the anFP’s planning to return to football in July or August. In this regard the striker was clear: «The economy cannot stop, but I think it needs to be done gradually so as not to put people’s health at risk.» I think there is now the example of Europe and I think we should see how it works for them and then apply them, so as not to take additions that can cost lives. I don’t think the conditions for resuming the activity now are given,» Pinigol added. He insisted that people’s health should prevail, but commented that he agreed to resume activity gradually. «Today there are no conditions (for football to return). Today the club cannot make a decision of its own, the authorization to train on the court must come from the Ministry of Health and from there see if you can retrain. If the ANFP and the Government are aligned that this can occur step by step and in smaller groups it is a good measure to move the activity again,» he said.

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