translated from Spanish: Mercedes Morán: «After lunch, a little tecito, a little fasito and ‘Breaking Bad'»

One of the most iconic actresses in national cinema (and television) is Mercedes Morán. He joined the main cast of countless prestigious films including «La Ciénaga» – where he shared the co-star with Graciela Borges and was directed by Lucrecia Martel -, went through various daily strips such as «Gasoleros», «Guapas», «El hombre de su vida» and more. The actress of outstanding trajectory visited – virtually – the studio of Last Cartridges (Vorterix) where she spoke with Migue Granados and Martín Garabal. There he told how he is complying with the social, mandatory and preventive isolation provided by Alberto Fernández to slow the advance of the coronavirus and revealed that he is watching for the first time the successful series «Breaking Bad».

«Of course I’m not happy. I’m scared. This thing of living without the future, without that illusion that we get that we can project something, is quite distressing. But I’m trying to replace fear with curiosity. I’m working not to get off,» he said, while the subject veered into the series.» I’m enjoying it a lot,» he said, saying, saying that if fiction was adapted in Argentina, Walter White should be played by actor Jorge Suarez and that she would like to play the character of his wife. «I’m a little past in years, but well, » he joked.

After Migue Granados studied about the outfit of entre-casa, Morán was direct: «Imagine me in pajamas». He said, «I’m a smoker.» «Flowers?» he was asked. «Yes, Bach’s, » replied roguely. «After lunch, a little quietness, and at the minute a little tecito, a little phasito and a little series or a movie,» he added. When it came to asking her to recommend some of the films she worked on, the actress was told that she does not usually re-watch the films she works on. «‘Araña’ (one of his last titles presented in Chile). It’s a beautiful film, but I think it’s necessary. They are films that help you understand many things from the social,» she said, reminding her how her debuted in the country, before the social outburst against Piñeda. «A facha critic titled , ‘Spider set Chile on fire,'» he said. And so he remembered that the other day he found on television, «Cheese Face» – the first tape he made with director Ariel Winograd. «I haven’t seen her like 20 years ago. I laughed,» he recalled and also recommended «Dream Florianopolis», a feature film he starred in in 2018 with Gustavo Garzón.Towards the end of the note, where drivers perform the famous ping pong of questions and answers, he also revealed unpublished data of his life. «What was the closest you came to death?» they wanted to know. «When I was 16, 17, 18 years old, at the time of the military. That was living very close to death for a long time. The mere fact of the characteristics that I had, half a hippie, was suspicious and could lead you directly to death,» he replied.

«The COVID-19 is over and you have to go on vacation with Eduardo Feinmann, do you agree?» was another of the questions. «No, not even fart, » he answered. «If you knew that tomorrow was the last day of your life, what would you do tonight?» they continued. «I’d like to make love, » argued Moran.» Something you want to say that you’ve never said in a massive media?» was the spicy question of the end. «I would repeat something I once said when I was asked if I would like to die performing on stage and I said, ‘Not even in fart, I think it’s awful.’ I want to die like in ‘The Godfather’, falling into the orchard,» he closed. In this note:

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