translated from Spanish: Supermarkets most denounced by price hike in the epidemic

The Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (Profeco) announced the commencement of administrative proceedings against 23 self-service stores and supermarkets for unwarranted price hikes in egg, omelette, sugar, beans and oil, as well as in cover and antibacterial gel.
Between 1 and 19 April, Profeco received 274 consumer complaints, of which 100 have been dealt with.
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From complaints to supermarkets, most are for Walmart, with 65 complaints; Bodega Aurrera, with 64; and Soriana, with 41. The rest is for regional self-service stores.
Bodega Aurrera and Walmart also concentrate most of the administrative procedures to supermarkets, with 13 and 8, respectively, in Chihuahua, Mexico City, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Michoacán, Nuevo León, Puebla, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, Veracruz, Yucatan and Zacatecas.
In the list there is also a branch of Tienda Neto, in Mexico City and another of Super Gift of God, in Michoacán.
“223 retail establishments were suspended from marketing and initiated the corresponding Procedure for Violations of the Law, for unjustified care of products such as egg, omelette, beans and sugar,” the attorney general said in a statement.
It also issued 75 warnings to large producers and distributors of egg, beans, sugar and other commodities, such as Bayer, Bachoco, Huevo San Juan, Danone, Pharmacies Guadalajara, Maseca, Jumex, Avícola and Piscícola de los Altos, among others.
According to Profeco, fines in serious cases range from 169 thousand, to 4 million 700 thousand pesos.
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To prevent abuses in consumers, he recalled that the average price of the kilo of red egg is $41.00 pesos, that of the white egg $39.00; and tortilla $15.50 in and $11.50 in supermarkets.
“The black bean is at $36.00 a kilogram, May flower at $31.00 and the 900 grams of pinto bean at $35.00. Sugar increased by 8.5%; the subject is studied from the current zafra, the ingenuity, to the retail of sugar and cane alcohol,” he said.
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