translated from Spanish: Walter Montillo and his father’s death: “He hit me because one is far away”

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, where a large number of lives have been lost, Walter Montillo’s family was closely touched, confirming that both his grandfather and his father were infected by the virus and died in The Brandsen hospital after several days of hospitalization. After it, the player posted a message on his Instagram account, accompanied by his entire family with which he lives in Chile, and then gave an interview in the newspaper El Mercurio in the Transandino country, where he referred to the current situation, in addition to his mother who tested positive in COVID-19.

Walter Montillo discusses his retirement at the end of the season. Photo: Twitter

“Last year, after six years of estrangement, I had spoken to my father again and now he died. I was hit by my old man, because one is far away and I couldn’t help,” Walter said of his relative who was 61, in addition to his 91-year-old grandfather, who was also a victim of the virus. On the other hand, she referred to her mother, who had been detected. “My mom is in Argentina, she’s isolated and symptomless. They’re going to give him a new test,” he said. I’ll walk you on the phone, that’s what I have left. She’s with one of my sisters in Buenos Aires, who lives in the same house but upstairs. This virus is very dangerous,” he said. From this situation and his advanced age, Montillo analyzes the retreat shortly and the situation experienced could advance plans for as soon as possible. Still, it still doesn’t have it defined, but everything points to the end of 2020. “I’ll think very well what I’m going to do, but at the moment this is the last year I’m going to play,” he closed.

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