translated from Spanish: Big signings in European football after covid-19?

Madrid.- The coronavirus crisis slowed down the development of the competition just before entering the decisive moment of the season, on the banks of the final third of the course, when the success or failure of each of the tournaments is usually defined. The machinery stalled. Players, technicians, referees and leaders took refuge in their homes, like all, awaiting a solution and an even undecided future.

Speculations about the effects of the virus, the Kabbales about the return, assumptions and calculations, and the pessimistic, moderate and also somewhat optimistic omens engulfed the ‘days after the beginning of general confinement, a measure to which one country after the world had to be gradually and progressively added, to a greater or lesser extent, one country after another in the world. Seclusion has become routine and what at the beginning of the confinement was striking and exceptional is, almost two months later, habit and custom. Still, while the calculations on the performance replenishment, the advances of a miracle vaccine or the proliferation of tests are accentuated, the assumptions around the composition of the templates and the future of the players are also multiplied. Nothing is clear. The development of the football machinery is as diffuse as the mystery around the virus. There is only some consensus in the aftermath that the pandemic will leave and that there will be a future. And it is in the morning that hope, return to normality and encouragement are sustained. That is why talk about acquisitions, assignments, renewals and handovers have been advanced in time and have taken its bodies in this stage of seclusion ahead. They were once summer snakes. Today they’re closing signings. The big names of international football top covers. Illustrious faces, reputed characters and stars to come encourage the commitment of a future yet to define but to good dark. A major economic crisis is looming. Players take on salary breaks, clubs adjust their calculations, set ERTE, layoffs are coming and entities admit that there will be heavy losses on their bottom line. A change of scenery is adventurous. Also in football. Nothing will be like before. Still, day after day, names emerge like pieces to fit into a puzzle. In templates to be configured. The present doesn’t dissipate, but it’s scuing in the morning. Marketing has been eye-catching. Lack of activity in the teams, the desert in the leagues and the emptiness in the enclosures has rushed for these days of confinement the swing of names and triggered the rumour. Javier Tebas’s warning has failed to stop speculation. The president of LaLiga warned of the landscape that awaits football in the short term and recommended that the clubs set aside the signings and resort to the cedings to other teams and footballers in each quarry. You might also be interested: Jared Borgetti remembers that Paolo Maldini does not see him well after his goal against ItalyUni well there are usual names, old and eternal pretensions of the great teams that are part of the showcase of each contracting period. Barcelona’s insistence on Neymar has been joined by the Argentine striker Inter Lautaro Martínez. Despite being in the midst of an ERTE, significantly reducing wages and dragging a critical economic situation in recent years, it does not park interest on listed pieces. Probably at a high cost. The azulgrana environment overlooks the bleak landscape that society contemplates and manages a distant perspective of expert omens. The umpteenth alleged future attempt by Neymar and the taste for Lautaro have recently joined the scores for the Argentine of the San Lorenzo Adolfo Gaich or by the midfielder of Brescia Sandro Tonali.In the air is the situation of Philipe Coutinho, a high-cost player who had to be loaned to Bayern Munich and who maintains a good poster in the Old Continent although for a very disparate mountaineer to the one who paid in his day President Josep Maria Bartomeu.French kylian Mbappe is Real Madrid’s dream. Reluctant to renew with Paris Saint Germain, a club against trading and also to give in to its stars, remains as distant as before the set of Zinedine Zidane, who relies on the passage of time and that the gala star does not extend the link that binds him to the French champion until June 2022.While speculation about tomorrow’s Real Madrid insists on Paul Pogba , in his lowest hours at Manchester United and insistently on The Norwegian Erling Haaland, now in Borussia Dortmund, where the white-owned Moroccan defender Achraf Hakimi has given up well. Spanish international Fabián Ruiz, now in Naples and Ajax Dutch donny Van de Beek are intended by the white painting, where the French pearl of Rennes Eduardo Camavinga, a common among the rumours of recent days, has gained strength. Like Bayern Munich Austrian David Alaba as a back-to-back boost to Zinedine Zidane’s team, which was recently joined by young Leipzig Dayot Upamecano, centre defender. In full domino effect, the German club, a revelation of the German competition, is running for 17-year-old Frenchman Tanguy Kouassi, who has not wanted to renew for now with Paris Saint Germain. From the Gallic champion will be the Uruguayan Edinson Cavani, who ends the contract. You might also be interested: Conmebol ratifies qualifiers for Qatar in SeptemberThe South American goalscorer points to Newcastle’s new project, which threatens the stability of the Premier League. The financial support of Saudi Arabia’s investors warns with a revolution and a boost to the ‘las Urracas’ club that shows the coach Mauricio Pochettino, Spaniard David Silva and even Gareth Bale.Mauro Icardi, on loan from Inter to Paris Saint Germain, will be one of the most intended players in the next market. Like Germany’s Timo Werner, who will leave Leipzig and who are wanted by almost all the greats of European football and for whom he insistently bids Bayern Munich, who still has differences with his goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.Recently midfielder Thomas Partey is to the Arsenal taste of Mikel Arteta, while side Marcos Alonso of Chelsea is followed by Inter.In any case , names; claims all of them, who have agitated, and will agitate, calculations and speculations. In recent days of confinement and they will, too, in those that are still to arrive. They’ll dance the targets and swing the numbers. Clubs can’t stop their projects, plans for the future. But the dimension has changed. A new economic scenario opens up.

Industry, like the others, is under threat. Everything will be different and the impossible operations, those that go beyond the hundred million euros will fall into oblivion. There will be no short-term transfer records. Dizzying figures and peaks like the one that set Paris Saint Germain at the time with Neymar’s 222 million, as before were the 10 billion pesetas that Real Madrid once paid for in Real Madrid. Nothing will be like that anymore. It won’t be the same. You might also be interested: Conmebol keeps in suspense restart of Copa Libertadores 

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