translated from Spanish: Brad Pitt had an incredible appearance on American TV

After Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. Institute of Infectious Diseases and Trump’s adviser to COVID-19, responds that he would like Brad Pitt to play him in a future pandemic film, the famous American actor starred as a doctor on Saturday Night Live, a famous TV show. In the sketch, Brad, who had a gray wig, glasses and suit dress, debunked Donald Trump on some of his latest statements about COVID-19: there will be no vaccine soon, nor will the virus miraculously disappear. In addition, in response to the president’s idea of exposing the virus to the light to stop it, the actor sarcastically covered his face with his hands and recalled, “I know you shouldn’t touch my face.”

Dr. Fauci (Director of the US Institute of Infectious America and Trump’s adviser to COVID-19) was asked who should play it in a pandemic movie. And Toni didn’t hang out with little girls: Brad Pitt. Well, last night on Saturday Night Live…—Leandro Cahn (@leandrocahn)
April 26, 2020

‘Saturday Night Live’ is one of the most recognized programs on American television, which is why the production does its best not to slow down the broadcast rate during the pandemic. The last program had been a home-made version, recorded by the team and the guests (Tom Hanks among them) from their own homes. In the finale, the last Oscar winner, took off his wig and glasses, and thanked, first to Dr. Fauci real for his “calm and clarity at this disturbing moment”, and then all the health workers and their families “for being in the line of fire”.

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