translated from Spanish: Fernanda Colombo and the ‘sexual proposal’ that made her feel like rubbish

Brazil.- When you think of football and sensuality, Fernanda Colombo comes to mind, the former Brazilian referee who gave professorship on how to do her job but also how to show personality on the pitch. But being under so many floodlights caused him to receive a proposal that perhaps hurt deep in the depths of his being just by doing what he loves most than football is. A while ago the Brazilian shared on her social networks an email that came to her in which a person offered to work selling her body to be with men who would pay her very well. 

Having paid meetings with smart, educated and respectful men for a minimum of 7000 reais,” you can read. 

You may be interested: Fernanda Colombo the Brazilian referee who delivers beauty and justice in the fieldThe ex-soul decided to show her feeling also on social media, where she explained that she did not understand why she could receive such a proposal if she has only dedicated he himself in soul and life to football and excel on television. 
“I just received this email containing an immoral proposal that made me feel like a piece of crap. All I want is to be able to work with what I love, that is football and journalism. May everyone be able to respect the path I chose for my life.”
After this message he received others from many people, followers and collaborators on the telvision channel who gave him the encouragement to continue in what really mattered that football is, clearly also discrediting the action of the person who sent the proposal. You may be interested: Fernanda Colombo to the referee who grows in modeling
Fernanda Colombo is going for a year off the court, this decision was made after during the 2018 World Cup in Russia she met who is now her husband the referee, Sandro Ricci. Currently the Brazilian works as an analyst in a sports program giving her view of both the party and the arbitral work.

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