translated from Spanish: A retired doctor who decided to continue attending

In Argentina, coronavirus claimed the lives of 197 people and more than 4,000 people were infected, and among them, it transcended the death of a retired physician who despite his retirement decided to continue attending, providing his service and knowledge to deal with the pandemic.

Elena Rojas was 62 years old and worked in the intensive care area of the San Carlos San Carlos San San, in Escobar, where she was infected by COVID-19, located on Route 26, in the town of Maquinista Savio, on the border with the Party of Pilar. It is the reference health centre for 22,000 PAMI members of the entire «Northern Region 2», which, as reported by Infobae, was intervened by the State after a long list of irregularities in the management of the pandemic was checked.

Elena died after catching coronavirus at San Carlos SanAtorium

The victim, who had two children, died in the early hours of Tuesday, and was one of five deaths reported at the San Carlos Sanatorium. «She was the one who took the most, took care of herself with everything, cared for us and advised us,» she was reminded of a source close to Rojas to Escobar Day, and defined her as «a great woman, a love of person.» For his part, mayor Ariel Sujarchuk, posted his condolences through social media. «I wholeheartedly accompany all of Elena’s family and friends at this sad moment, and I renew my commitment to work tirelessly for the health of all those who set out to care for us,» he said.

Condolences of Ariel Sujarchuk, intendant of Escobar

Elena joins so many health workers who dedicate their lives to caring for and accompanying victims selflessly and in order to contribute to the city of the population, even more so in times as critical as a pandemic. In this note:

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