translated from Spanish: City Council closed 113 non-essential shops in Morelia

Morelia, Michoacán.- A total of 113 businesses classified as non-essential during this health contingency, were closed on Monday by the Inspection and Surveillance Directorate of the City of Morelia.
According to information provided by the municipal unit, the shops are located on Lázaro Cárdenas Avenue, right on the stretch that crosses with Vicente Santa María, Manuel Muñiz and Abasolo streets of the Historic Center, as well as in Plaza Carrillo.
Martín Eduardo Montes Morales, chief inspector of the Directorate of Inspection and Surveillance of Morelia, commented that closed business twists were: household items, personal accessories, sweet shops, furniture stores, musical instrument shops, cell phone stores and aesthetics.
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Within the shops attended by the town hall was a branch of Elektra and a branch of Coppel, which will be able to continue opening because they have a banking institution inside, but they must cordon off the areas where items such as appliances, clothing, telephony, jewelry and household items are for sale.
So far the city council has not issued a fine, as the first stage of the operation is merely informative, but if they come to discover that some non-essential business reopens its doors, it can now be credited with an economic sanction, as well as its closure.

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