translated from Spanish: Francisca García Huidobro: «I hope you permanently remove the kiss greeting»

Cheerleader Francisca García Huidobro spoke in conversation with LUN upon his return to work after 40 days in which he remained in strict quarantine, after in March he underwent strict surgery to remove a kidney stone, a procedure that did not work and that, as he explained, «the kidney engulsed him».
In the conversation, the cheerleader addressed her days of confinement and said that «I spent 40 days in my house, not going anywhere, because the channel also cared for me in a special way. Now I’ve resumed the program (Let’s go on long) and with Sergio Lagos we put together two work teams.»
Regarding the social distance, García Huidobro said that «I love it. I find that one should choose the one who greets kiss and hug. I hope they permanently remove the kissing greeting.» He did say he missed his father, whom he recounted that he has only seen once, his siblings and that he misses attending the stadium (he is a UC fan) with his son and his family.
The cheerleader also recounted that she has gained five kilos during confinement, that the confinement has been hard-working and that domestic work divides them with her son.
On the care of the outbreak of the disease, García Huidobro stated that «I am super little psychopathic, so I am not persecuted that I have a cough or that my head hurts. I do take precautions».

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