translated from Spanish: Pizzi revealed that she did not fully enjoy the title at the 2016 Copa America

Coach Juan Antonio Pizzi, former Chilean coach, gave an extensive interview to the English newspaper The Guardian in which he told the sensations he had when winning with the ‘Red’ Copa América Centenario 2016.In the definition of the tournament played in the United States, the national team defeated Argentina in penalty shootout – after a 0-0 in play time , the country where ‘Macanudo’ was born. Pizzi acknowledged that he was not entirely happy after the title in the Copa America Centenario and went out to explain it. «The truth is, I didn’t fully enjoy it. Of course I was happy that my team had won, but I couldn’t get rid of my feelings for Argentina,» he said. That’s a risk you take when you work for another national team; It’s not a nice situation to play against the country where you were born, where your friends, your family are,» he added. In addition, the former coach of Universidad Católica and Santiago Morning also had words for Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sánchez, two of the great figures during his time in the ‘Red’. From ‘King’, the Argentine-Spanish said that «he is a completely different person to the perception that many have of him by his appearance, the image he projects: super professional, super respectful, a very good teammate, a man of solidarity». Regarding wonder boy, the 51-year-old strater said that «Alexis was in a perfect place at Arsenal. Suddenly it changes city, coach, teammates, fans and sometimes that adaptation happens quickly, sometimes it takes longer. In Alexis’ case, I think it took too long. He didn’t seem to be able to connect and emotionally fell. The consequences of that state of mind were translated into his performances.» However, Pizzi is confident that Alexis will raise his level. «I don’t know what fate holds, but I think this experience in Italy, away from English football, might be good for him. I really hope so. I’m sure if you can find peace of mind and your form, it will be very important to United, » he said.

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