translated from Spanish: Review by Joel Alejandro Arellano Torres

By: Joel Alejandro Arellano Torres
In addition to the global crisis over the fall in oil barrel prices, criticism of «great calaje» works in the southeast of the country, such as the «Dos Bocas» refinery, scandals of officials or leaders immersed in alleged acts of corruption or criminals; now there are two new «evils» that put PEMEX: the state’s productive enterprise, as it calls itself in its own communiqués, in the eye of the hurricane.
At the beginning of this Pandemic of Covid-19, in states of the Isthmus area and southeast of the country, where much of the oil activity is concentrated such as: Campeche, Tabasco, Oaxaca or Veracruz there was total passivity to implement
prevention actions for coronavirus, despite the fear stories of the oil tankers themselves who refused to return to the platforms or complexes, where they said there were several «gripa» sufferers. Some media outlets even showed the paradation of dozens of PEMEX workers waiting for official buses, and boarding them, overcrowded, and without sanitary measures, such as bed covers or the use of thermal imaging cameras.
Until this Sunday, April 26, he reported in his official statement that he had the record of a universe of 1803 suspected cases, where he managed to apply 616 tests, currently being a total of 229 positives. 27 deaths were aroused, of which 14 were in retirees, eight relatives, four workers and one external. In addition, he indicated that 50 people are in hospital; 18 of which are patients in Intensive Therapy; and 86 more are in home isolation. While 66 were discharged.
As the popular saying goes: «Dead the child, to cover the well», and relaunched the campaign «PEMEX Closer to You», (curious a name like this in an era of «Sana Distance») to give «advice» via the Internet, with a team of 92 doctors, where they managed to attend 997 edentfuls, among which 212 have been identified with respiratory symptoms, 142 prescription advice, 88 mental health cares and 555 various conditions.
Now, a newspaper note from Reuters reported that PEMEX requested, through a letter dated April 24, entitled «payroll discount authorization», for its staff to accept a 25 percent wage decline until the end of the year, with the aim of helping the «productive company of the State» to its economic recovery, following the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, and the fall in crude oil prices. If this missive, which adds to the decree of the salary cut signed by the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will come another disease in PEMEX, which will be the rejection and dissenchment of a sector, of approximately 125 thousand employees, which many of them, believed in the ideals of the party in power, as well as their political leaders, who are once considered lions, and the next are prey to the «song of the Pejegarto». Anyway…
This Saturday, they were arrested by staff of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Veracruz, three suspected involved in the murder of journalist María Elena Ferral Hernández, which occurred on March 30. One of them, the seventh council of papantla city council, Efraín «R», Luis Alberto «X», former husband of Ferral Hernández, as well as the journalist José «C»; the latter arrest generated a series of demonstrations by various journalists; who described as «ruín» the detention of their fellow communicator, whom they want to make seen, the authorities headed by Governor Cuitláhuac García Jiménez as a «scapegoat».
And to whom they did not make «chivo los tamales», but if to «parir chayotes» in the media he went to the local deputy of Morena for the 19th district, Amado Cruz Malpica, who was allegedly taken out of context in a statement, announcing the opening of a Covid-19 Hospital in Coatzacoalcos, to gather, if necessary, the sick of 21 municipalities. This earned him a strong warm wind of criticism on social media, including from Coatzacoalcos City Council itself, who through his Municipal Social Communication Directorate called this statement «False» and «Absurd». Fire Friend?. We will have to tell the experienced Brownist MP to take care of himself to his shadow, because by 2021, everything can happen.
But how about the image of the supervisory tour of Governor Cuitláhuac García Jiménez for the COVID 19 Hospital in Coatzacoalcos, without advocating the sanitary measures, and where the head of State Health Roberto Ramos Alor posed, like his boss, without mouth covers, and even more, with a hat inside one of the reserved clinical areas. Veracruz recorded until april 26, 28 coronavirus deaths, 354 positive cases in 56 of the 212 municipalities and 188 suspects in 50 demarcations. Being the Port of Veracruz that leads in these three categories, followed by the cities of Coatzacoalcos, Poza Rica and Boca del Río.
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