translated from Spanish: Superintendent of Education and monthly fees in schools: «Bringing it to a contractual issue is going to be harmful to our own children»

The superintendent of education, Christian O’Ryan, referred in conversation with Channel 13 to the conflict that begins to develop between representatives and educational establishments, following the collection of the monthly payments, even though the students are without face-to-face classes.
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«It’s such a big problem, that bringing it to a contractual issue is going to be detrimental to our own children. That’s why we have called for dialogue, to establish strategies that allow us to reach agreements between establishments and parents,» said the authority, who added that «one could say that parents are effectively receiving a lower service for which they paid, but every effort is being made.»
The superintendent of education, faced with the option of schools making a discount, indicated that the call is that all the money that schools are generating for the non-attendance of children in classes (for example, at lunches), be given to families «who are in more trouble today».
O’Ryan also stated that there should be no additional charge in case the year is extended, as «the contract is annual, therefore what is done is to charge an annual amount that is divided into installments».

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