translated from Spanish: Video: “Fluorescent” Dolphins Swimming in Newport Beach, California

Bioluminescence, according to National Geographic, is a phenomenon that occurs in living organisms such as bacteria, fungi, insects, crustaceans, molluscs and fish. The generation of light, results from a chemical reaction that has different functions such as communication, reproduction, defense or attraction of prey. During quarantine, several Pacific Ocean beaches have been bioluminescence. In Newport Beach, California, bathers have managed to record images of bright “fluorescent” dolphins. 

Captain Ryan Lawler of Newport Coastal Adventure and photographer Patrick Coyne sailed the area overnight to spot and capture this phenomenon. The photographer said this video has been the most challenging: “For starters, bioluminescence has sweet spots where it is displayed and then fades, making it impossible to find it in the water. Finding any type of animal in black tone is ridiculously difficult. The conditions have to be perfect for bioluminescence to appear and for an animal to swim through it in order to film it”

I awake this morning to find that I’ve gone… well not remove viral, more bacterial perhaps, in Colombia and Mexico courtesty of this retweet. I’d like to say “Hello” to my new followers though I think you’ll be disappointed in the lack of dolphin related content in my tweets.—Howard Batey (@howardbatey)
April 26, 2020

The truth is that the advance of the coronavirus pandemic is the perfect setting for wildlife. Animals take advantage of the confinement of humans to take over empty cities and surprise us with their wonders. In this note:

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