translated from Spanish: Chancellery announced operational to repatriate Chileans in India and Southeast Asia

Chancellor Teodoro Ribera unveiled a repatriation operation that will bring back Chileans stranded in Southeast Asia and India, involving the Confederation for Production and Trade (CPC) and the airline Latam.
Speaking from Emol, the minister of RR.EE., said that authorizations were obtained to land in Singapore with a plane that has medical supplies and that according to the chancellor, «it will be like the mother ship that will receive Chileans coming from other latitudes.» The consuls in Thailand, Indonesia and India were instructed to coordinate the transfer of Chileans to the capital of those countries.
On 7 May, flights will depart to concentrate Chileans in Singapore, from where a flight will depart on 8 May that will bring connationals back to the country.
Regarding the financing of the operation, Ribera suggested that «we believe that it is fair that those with financial resources will partly help pay for their passage. We are therefore asking Chileans in India to contribute $600 to the emergency fund that the CPC has created for the purchase of medical supplies and other elements for the crisis.»
To those who do not have the resources, they will have to make a declaration and in that case the CPC will subsidize or pay for the trip.»
«To Chileans elsewhere, I ask you to contact the consulates, we want you to participate as much as possible and we understand that for some it is more difficult than for others to move, but we are willing to make the greatest sacrifices so that these people get the safe conduct and their needs we can help them in the land transfer,» the chancellor stressed.

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