translated from Spanish: Mazatlan: Runs over two women and flees abandoning their van

Mazatlan.- As they crossed the 13th of May street to reach their homes, in the Montuosa colony, two women aged approximately 40 to 45 years, were run over by an old model red Ford van this around 00:10 hours. The information obtained pointed out that the women were walking down the street previously pointed to their homes when the van going at excessive speed and going around, it was impossible for her to brake so that she rammed the females who were lying on the floor injured, the street was dark so no one saw what happened.

It was said that the driver of the van was accompanied by other people who ran down the streets of the colony leaving the van. 

He was another person who passed through the place who saw the two women lying and proceeded to help them to also ask for the emergency and road units.

A man, allegedly accompanied by a woman, ran over two females leaving them lying on the pavement, then abandoning his van and fleeing the place. Photo: Courtesy

Red Cross paramedics arrived at the scene and provided first aid to the run-ins by moving only one of them with a likely right leg fracture. The other woman explained everything to the public safety agents who made the corresponding part of the complaint and also requested the support of e crane to take the van to the municipal corralón and keep it under guard in what was given with the owner of the vehicle. It will be through the Vehicular Public Registry (Repuve) that he stops with the owner of the van to surrender his statement and delinquede responsibilities. Once the hit-and-run scandal occurred, the streets began to fill with peephorones even though it was half a night. The Ford was damaged from the front, in the defense and chest and part of the spotlight. YOU CAN ALSO READ:Clash between cars causes damage in business structure in MazatlanConductor does not respect the high and rolls motorcyclist in MazatlanMujer dies hit while trying to cross busy avenue of Mazatlan

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