translated from Spanish: Shooting is recorded in El Aguaje; soldiers take down 2 suspected hitmen

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Aguililla, Michoacán.- Two suspected kittens were shot down and one more was injured and ended up being arrested in a shooting against the elements of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), which was registered in the town of El Aguaje, belonging to this municipality of Aguililla, according to the information obtained by this means.
In this regard, it was known that the event was on Wednesday in the town in reference, where the uniforms were patrolling against crime, when at one point they met heavily armed people, who shot them repeatedly.
The uniforms repelled the aggression and in the exchange of bursts two of the alleged gunmen died, who are as strangers. Meanwhile, there was another alleged criminal who was badly wounded and was channeled to medical care, neither do his generals known, said Castrenian chiefs. The arrested man is interned with a police and military guard.
As a result of what happened, there were insured weaponry and apparently also vehicles. The event sparked strong police and military mobilization by air and overland in gaps, roads and towns in the region.
The staff of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic were made aware of the matter, and the latter undertook the respective investigation. Official voices commented to this wording that it is presumed that the deceased and the detainee belong to a crime cell and are inquired into their identity and their involvement in other illegal acts.

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