translated from Spanish: Government tightened quarantine restrictions: only 7 permits per week and complaint in case of recidivism

Undersecretary for Crime Prevention Katherine Martorell reported a number of permit restrictions for communes that are in mandatory total quarantine.
Martorell said the decision comes after abuse was detected in requests for temporary permits to circulate.
Among the new measures is the one that the permit will start to govern 15 minutes after it is requested at the virtual police station and, in addition the communes that are not quarantined will be blocked for applications, except to enter places under the restriction to deliver food and remedies, to prisons, to attend some health service or a procedure that can only be carried out in that commune.
In addition, it was reported that basic services will not be authorized at the weekend, and that for those who request to attend court hearings, they must attach the subpoena to the Virtual Police Station platform.
From Friday, meanwhile, each RUT may apply only for seven permits in total, with the sole exception of persons with autism spectrum disorders or similar conditions, in which the authorization will be given only to the card number corresponding to the person and not to his companion.
In all cases where there is recidivism and an arrest control hearing has been established by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of the Interior shall file a complaint.

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