translated from Spanish: Health reported that there are 16,023 infected with coronavirus and 11 new deaths

The Ministry of Health reported 888 new cases of Covid-19, in a way of delivering the figures that was notified today by the distribution, which will bring together as new contagions people with positive PCR who had symptoms and those who did not.
Of the total new contagions released today, the Minister of Health, Jaime Mañalich, reported that there were 780 cases with symptoms (the largest since the start of the outbreak) and 108 asymptomatic. This raised the national total to 16,023. It was also reported that there are 8,580 confirmed recoveries (63.2%), and 7,216 active cases (46%).
Also known was the deaths of 11 people, six from the Metropolitan region, three from La Araucanía, one person from Los Lagos and one from Antofagasta. As a result, the number of victims of the pandemic rose to 227.
The authority also reported that there are 419 people hospitalized, 323 d of them with mechanical ventilation and 69 patients in critical condition.
In addition, it was reported that 608 fans are available in the health system and that 65 laboratories reported performing 7,898 PCR tests, bringing the total to 180,517.

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