translated from Spanish: María Fernanda Raverta, new owner of the Anses

Alberto Fernández decided today to replace Alejandro Vanoli as head of the National Social Security Administration (Anses). This is María Fernanda Raverta, political leader referring to the group La Cámpora. Today, it was received by the president at the Residence of Olives. 
Raverta held the position of Minister of Community Development in the Government of the province of Buenos Aires. She holds a degree in Social Service, graduated from the National University of Mar del Plata. He has a large curriculum within the social work area, within different positions to institutions. He served as the head of the UDAI Puerto Mar del Plata of the National Social Security Administration. In recent years she was elected provincial deputy by the fifth section of the province of Buenos Aires and until 2019 she was a national deputy.
Raverta comes to replace Alejandro Vanoli, who resigned from his post yesterday. The departure came after the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, called for his resignation at Casa Rosada. On his back are accusations as one of those responsible for the agglomeration of older adults at the gates of banks across the country after the government enabled branches to collect assets and plans, on Friday the 3rd. He was also blamed for the loss of state directors in some private companies in which Anses has a shareholding: Vanoli would not have sent emissaries of the agency to board meetings. In this note:

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