translated from Spanish: Mes: «The doors will always be open to converse with the players»

On Thursday, the regular shareholders’ meeting of Black and White was held, after which Aníbal Mosa, president of the Concessionaire, again referred to the conflict with the players over the reduction in salaries. Mosa after the meeting stated that «we have not heard from the players, we remain hopeful that they can find a way out of this difficult situation among them. We hope that you can better analyse the proposal we have made to you, which is very landed.» On the other hand, he said that «it would be easy for me to step aside and leave the institution for the problems to be solved by another, but it is not. I go to the front and I’m going to fight.» The leader explained that «we were forced to abid by the Employment Protection Act and I hope that sanity can prevail on the part of players. It’s an important effort the institution is making.» In the same vein, he emphasized that «until those deadlines exist, the doors will always be open to converse with our players.» On the other hand, Mosa targeted his darts against the Professional Footballers’ Union, arguing that they have «taken advantage of this situation to have a showcase. When Temuco Sports took over the law, they didn’t go with the players to do the show for inspection.» The president of the concessionaire also had words for Daniel Morón’s departure from the board, noting that it is «an important loss to the Black and White board. He gave us sports knowledge, history and participated heavily in the big decisions. I, personally, will miss him very much.» He also clarified that «Daniel Morón’s departure was being planned a couple of months ago, it has nothing to do with his statements a few days ago.» It should be noted that at the shareholders’ meeting it was reported that José Miguel Sanhueza de La Cruz will replace Morón and will be the new representative of club Social y Deportivo Colo Colo within the board of directors of the public limited company.

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