translated from Spanish: Project prohibiting the power outage for non-payment of common expenses during the pandemic passes to the Chamber of Deputies

In a position to move to the Chamber, after being approved in general and in particular, remained the project that temporarily restricts the administrator’s power to suspend or require the suspension of the electricity service to those who are delinquent in the payment of common expenses during the lifetime of the state of catastrophe decreed by the Covid-19 pandemic.
For the President of the Commission, Mr Gonzalo Winter (CS), this initiative which amends Law 19.537, on real estate co-ownership, is relevant because it resolves an issue that the Executive did not take into account when announcing the period of state catastrophe.
“Following the Presidential announcement, the cuts of basic services were pending for non-payment of common expenses. This is very delicate, because the building community needs that money and what is said here is that the debt is not suspended or lowered, only that they cannot be cut off until the state of catastrophe is over,” said the legislator, who was appointed to report on the point to the Corporation.
At the meeting, the second report on the draft amending Law 20.234, which establishes a procedure for the reorientation and regularisation of lots and extends its term of time, was also dispatched to the Chamber.
It should be recalled that the proposal had to be reviewed again by the body given the submission of indications during its treatment in the Chamber, when it was generally approved unanimously by those present. Mr Osvaldo Urrutia (UDI) will report on this initiative.
In the Commission, the draft amending Law 19.537 was also voted on and is intended to reduce the value of ordinary common expenditure, in proportion to common domain goods found to be unusable, by reason of prevention measures taken during the period of health emergency.
In this case, the parliamentary group chose to reject in general the proposal, which will now have to be decided by the Chamber and for which MS Natalia Castillo (RD) will report on behalf of the Commission.
The Housing Commission also continued the study of the project on new Law on Property Co-ownership, for which it heard, by telematics, the president and the manager of Housing and Urbanism of the Chilean Chamber of Construction, Patricio Donoso and José Tomás Riedel, respectively; and the regional director of the Maule of the Social Urbanism Foundation, Rodrigo Hernández.
Mr Winter explained that the above-mentioned legislation is long and complex, as it establishes a new law of urban co-ownership. It said that the text contained more than a hundred articles and, as a result, it had not yet entered the voting stage.
“This standard would include topics such as informal leasing through platforms such as Airbnb, pet tenure and common expenses, which are issues that affect Chileans on a daily basis,” he said.

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