translated from Spanish: Reverse layoffs: Plot to reinstate 42 employees

Complot, the renowned clothing brand, backtracked on the layoffs of 42 employees, who had been communicated last Friday. On Tuesday, they signed an agreement with the Textile Employees Of Industry and Related Employees (Setia) where they pledged to terminate the disengagements.

On the grounds of an alleged impossibility to meet the payment of rents, the company had made the decision to close six of its premises, located in the main shopping malls, and to disassociate a portion of its workers for reasons of «force majeure». These are the premises of the Alto Avellaneda shopping centers, Alto Palermo, Arcos District, Abasto, Unicenter and Plaza Oeste.La company bases its decision on the difficulty of making the rent payments, which remain in force even though the shopping is closed. «In some cases, they had some forgiveness of the portion of the rent that corresponds to advertising, which is 1.5%. But it’s a very low percentage. And in other cases they were offered to make payment later, but they don’t know if they will be able to face all that sum at once when the activity resumes,» they explained from Complot.

The company was able to access government assistance in the last few hours, which took over the payment of 50% of companies’ salaries, through the ATP program, with a cap of up to two minimum wages. This aid eased his complicated financial situation.
«The company’s authorities were able to understand the situation. The entire textile and apparel sector is very convulsed, except for the few that have been converted,» said José Minaberrigaray, general secretary of the union.

The deal is only for the re-imports. In the event that the company seeks to agree on a reduction in wages, it should be communicated to the Ministry of Labour. From the union, they stressed that some companies in the sector that are not working have already made wage reduction agreements but were now above the one agreed between the CGT with the Government, with a ceiling of 25% pay cut for workers suspended due to lack of tasks. In this note:

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