translated from Spanish: Santiago Cafiero spoke of the look: the memes by the «facha» and his black shirt

If there is one thing that we do not disresure is never of the special attention that Santiago Cafiero received in matters of memes since he was appointed by Alberto Fernández as his right hand and then when he appeared with his shirt during a press conference. In the talk with Julio Leiva for Caja Negra, the level of trust led to the Chief of Staff released a little and reveal those details, especially his presence in networks: «I am having fun. I’m really having fun. The comments amuse me. I think they’re funny. I’m amused by all that. Then there are some more malicious scans,» he remarked. Undoubtedly, his black shirt at press conference was what caught the attention of his attention, and despite the seriousness to be to the left of Alberto Fernández, the story has its fun in the background, where the protagonists are the president of the Nation and Wado de Pedro.

Cafiero referred to his black shirt and «facha». 

«The story is that we were with Wado and Alberto working on the extension of quarantine. So far, neither Wado nor I had been to any of the conferences, because those that had been made with governors, one had been with (Horacio) Larreta and with Axel (Kicillof). They had been in another line,» says Cafiero, but something unexpected came. «Alberto tells us both, ‘You stay and join me at the conference.’ I’d been sned all day in Olives. It was hot Sunday. Wado, more formal, had a shirt and a handbag. I say, ‘Well, I’m going to get something’ – and they say, ‘No, you’re not coming.’ But Alberto says to me, ‘I’ll lend you’ — and it was worse. So I said, ‘Leave, let’s go like this.’ And that’s where the shirt was left.» After the laughter, Santiago was already marked on the shirt. «Now I sleep in a shirt. The important thing is that these more banal things don’t distract the important thing.» However, he did not miss the chance to say that he amused that moment. «A lot. Now it’s true that we don’t have to distract the important things that are being done.»

Another issue that had it in the focus of the networks, was when it was designated in the month of December and there was talk of cafiero’s «facha». In networks, memes and messages exploded, and the most common were that «if it was cute, it couldn’t be political.» Far from denying those kinds of words, he assumes them.» Yes, there’s some of that. Yes. What I have to do is make my ideas known. What do I think. What do I propose. I’m not a candidate for anything, because I don’t have to do a hyper-exposure of anything. I’ll go with you to the President. The truth is the subject of the facade or not facha I don’t give it much ball,» he closed.

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