translated from Spanish: What Christian ‘Chucho’ Benitez died of today would be 34 years old

Mexico City.- Just on Labor Day in Mexico, one of the natural goalscorers who have come to Mexican football and that fate left football and this life. Christian Benitez would turn 34 today but six years ago he ceased to exist after health problems. Everything was going well, Benitez left in 2013 from America after being champion on May 26 against Cruz Azul. His dream was to go play in another country, so Qatar was the perfect place for Ecuadorian. Just two months after the morning of July 29 Mexico received the fatal news of the player’s death from cardiac arrest.

Chucho Benitez with America Jam Media

At just 27 years old and a promising career ended from day to day. He could only play a few games with his new team. According to records a day before his death he had a match in the Sheikh Jassem Cup in which he entered for exchange. But how did he have heart problems
Chucho Benítez came to Mexican football for Santos laguna and as it is in all clubs medical examinations are performed and no heart problem was detected. He played several years for the Laguna team. He had experience in the Premier League with Birmingham and was not detected for anything similar either. 

Benitez on his way through Santos Jam Media

He returned to Mexico for Santos and after a while signed with America where he once again tested negative for heart problems. After lifting the 2013 title his next stop was Qatari football and strangely lost his life only a few months for something he had never put forward. It is known that upon arriving at the hospital he did not receive the necessary attention as the language was one of the main barriers that the player had to deal with, unfortunately after a few hours he lost his life. His body was taken to Ecuador where for 6 years he rested. Santos and America remember Chucho Benitez
The two teams with which he made history in Mexico this day paid tribute to him from their social networks remembering their best moments with the shirt of their institutions. Even in Torreón there is a statue for the Ecuadorian. 
With America he managed to be a three-time goalscorer in addition to an MX League. With Santos he also won the title and several accolades as the biggest break in the league.  

Statue in Honor of the Chucho in Torreón Jam Media

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