translated from Spanish: A youtuber searches for a Ferrari of Saddam Hussein’s son

A youtuber has decided on the difficult task of finding a Ferrari that belonged to Saddam Hussein’s son, who is probably missing. But that is no impediment to undertaking this challenge.

Your goal is to buy it and return it to its original state. The difficult search has the help of his followers who provide data and also some means that echoed the news. One of the questions is whether the Ferrari F40 actually managed to survive the U.S. invasion of Iraq. It is unclear whether this specimen was destroyed alongside many other vehicles from Saddam’s son collection.

The New York Post claimed a few years ago that at one point Saddam Hussein ordered his entire collection of his son Uday’s cars to be burned down to teach him a lesson. There are no images showing that the F40 was burned. That order happened in 1995. However, there are photographs where he appears abandoned in a wilderness. They were taken in 2012 according to Scott Chivers.

The photos show that it has no rearview mirrors, the transmission needs a complete reconstruction, while other damaged or lost parts have been replaced by those of other brands.

There goes the youtuber, in search of the treasure, in search of the Testarossa of Saddam Hussein’s son.In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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