translated from Spanish: Ministry of Culture announces plan to support the sector amid the pandemic: includes content acquisition and payment to musicians via streaming

This Saturday, the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage announced the launch of an «Emergency Plan in Support of Cultures, Arts and Heritage».
This plan was drawn up from the work with the sectoral tables and the result of the Public Online Consultation that between March 23 and April 13 last collected information on the status of more than 15 thousand people, cultural organizations and artistic groups, the product of the health emergency caused by the outbreak of COVID-19.
«As a Ministry we are aware of the impact this health emergency is bringing to Cultures, arts and heritage. That is why we have generated a plan of action that allows us to face this reality, and in this way protect and help the sector, both through the institutions that are part of our ecosystem, as well as the artists themselves and cultural and heritage agents», explains the Minister of Cultures, Consuelo Valdés.
This reorientation of resources from the current budget is supported by the work of executive secretaries, area managers and seremis, who held numerous meetings with different associations and cultural actors, in order to bring the objective of these measures closer to sectoral emergencies.
The plan will have four main axes: Support for cultural institutions across Chile to strengthen the management and programming; the acquisition of cultural content; promoting creation, production and circulation, to keep the artistic sector active; and the formation and mediation of artistic and cultural content, such as the conduct of workshops, tutorials and classes, among others.
«To all of the above, it is added that as a Ministry we have arranged the Legal Intermediation Unit, to guide and channel all the doubts of artists, cult workers and cultural agents regarding the program of economic and social measures of the government,» adds Minister Consuelo Valdés.
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