translated from Spanish: Spain and Italy begin to release quarantine

As the spread of the spread and death curve continues, Spain and Italy slowly begin to open up from the mandatory quarantine they imposed at the worst time of the COVID-19 outbreak. In the country ruled by Giusseppe Conte, next Monday, May 4, a new phase of isolation will begin where visits will be established to be able to move freely through the streets of the whole country. 

Stable couples and relatives up to sixth grade are included, while outdoor sport will also be enabled. For the latter benefit, the Government of Rome will use drones to control that no crowdings are generated in the parks, which will open after two months. In Spain, meanwhile, the measure was enabled today and public parks began to fill with people, as happened the previous weekend with the departure of children.
In the face of this scenario, time slots were established that allow to go for a run, bike or walk once between 6 and 10 and another between 20 and 22.As a space boundary, athletes can move around the municipality, while people who walk must do so within a radius of one kilometer around their home , without the obligation of the minion.

In Italy, the phase that begins on Monday will be followed by new ones from 18 May and 1 June.

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