translated from Spanish: Women left vulnerable to domestic violence during contenance: Seimujer

Cristian Ruíz
Morelia, Michoacán.- In the last 40 days, 145 requests for support have been received for women and girls victims of gender-based violence, the head of the Secretariat for Substantive Equality and Development of Women (SEIMUJER), Nuria Gabriela Abarca Hernández, reported.
In interview, she indicated that 70 percent of the cases attended by the dependency are of women victims of psychological and physical violence, in 85 percent of cases for their partners.
“12 emails were also received for support and almost 60 percent of the care is from the municipality of Morelia. The rest are Zamora, Tacámbaro, Pátzcuaro, Huandacareo, Ocampo, Los Reyes and Uruapan,” he said.
It indicated that, while the unit could not receive complaints, victims could be accompanied so that, before the State Prosecutor’s Office, they could receive the attention that was required as the case may be.
“We have different numbers. These women I’m telling you, some filed a complaint. Some only called for support as to whether or not they were receiving violence. Of the 145 calls, not all have been channeled for reporting,” he added.
However, he reported that 80 protective measures have been implemented, and of the victims, 9 families have been cared for in the shelter, and the rest have family support networks or friends, who have given them asylum.
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