translated from Spanish: The «Battle of Santiago» against covid-19: Mañalich reports again more than a thousand contagions daily and complains about the low compliance of quarantine in the MRI

In a new balance from the Valparaiso Region, where the Gustavo Fricke Hospital was inaugurated in Viña del Mar, Health Minister Jaime Mañalich reported 1228 new coronaviruses in the last 24 hours (until 21:00 hours on Saturday, May 2).
The authority also reported 13 new deaths in the last 24 hours, all in the Metropolitan Region. In addition, in the detail of the infected, he noted that these are 1,112 symptomatic and 116 asymptomatic.
With this new figure, the total number of positive cases amounts to 19,663, and those who died at 260. As for the recovered ones, the number is 10,041, and the number of PCR tests is 6818 in the last 24 hours.
The Minsal holder expressed his concern precisely upwards in the contagion in Santiago, emphasizing that «measures as strict as those ordered are not being respected».
In a rather harsh tone, the secretary of state said that stronger control measures would be implemented, referring to it as the «Battle of Santiago».
«We’re going to accentuate the role of health authority, which is to monitor, sanction, close…», he said.
Before closing the press point, Mañalich emphasized that «this war is going for a long time and its battles are going to be many and very tiring.»

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