translated from Spanish: 100-year-old woman nicknamed «boomerang» overcomes coronavirus

A 100-year-old woman named «boomerang» has an impressive story to tell. Rose Heely, who survived two heart attacks and conquered scarlet fever, diphtheria and whooping cough, among other medical crises, has now beaten the coronavirus, south West News Service reports.» She’s delighted to be back home. She is our little boomerang, she never stops getting revenge,» British centenary granddaughter Tracey Appleyard, 49, told the media.
We were all so worried that she had the virus. At first we feared the worst, but we knew it was in good hands and soon we knew it would go out dancing, he said.

Rose Heely 100 years old good on U survived from Scarlet Fever, Whooping Cough, Measles, Diphtheria, two heart attacks must have very strong beleives on God & very good immune system off course goes to NHS doctors & nurses— Shahid Pervaiz (@shahidathome)
May 4, 2020

They were all amazing in the pavilion and kept us informed, we are very grateful for the attention they gave to our lovely nanan.

Appleyard said Heely, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, attributes its strong composition to a cup of tea with whiskey and a gingerbread cookie.
She has a very positive attitude. You can put a smile on anyone’s face, her granddaughter said.

«She’s still fine for 100 and tells such wonderful stories. We love her very much.» She continued: «My nanan definitely got fed up with childhood diseases, but he fought all of them, just as he did with this coronavirus.

Rose Heeley.

She has suffered a little poor health in the last eight years, as she has angina and has had two heart attacks, but this shows that she is still strong and struggling.

Heely received a strong ovation when he left North General Hospital in Sheffield after 18 days. The hospital midwife, Katie Ashton, said: «We are always thrilled to see patients like Rose getting better and going home. She has an incredible spirit and it was very encouraging to be able to remove her from the ward when she was discharged.»

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