translated from Spanish: Donald Trump said the coronavirus vaccine will be going to be by the end of the year

As teams of scientists from several countries are working against the clock to find a coronavirus vaccine (COVID-19) and began testing some trials, Donald Trump said the pandemic disease vaccine will begin to be distributed later this year.» We’re pretty sure we’re going to have the vaccine this year. We are absolutely sure it will be by the end of this. I think it will happen sooner rather than later, even if doctors now say I shouldn’t ‘declare that’,» the US president said during an interview.

He also highlighted the firms’ efforts to try to get the vaccine: «We are pushing and working very hard. There are many companies that are close to achieving this like Johnson and Johnson; so I say what I think. We’re really nothing to do.» On the other hand, the representative again pointed to China in the face of suspicions about the manufacture of the virus. Following us secretary of state sayings, Mike Pompeo, who said there is a huge amount of evidence, Trump advanced that he will deepen the investigation into the country where the pandemic originated. «China did not stop the virus and we must find out why. For now we have to focus on making the vaccine work,» he said. In the United States, coronavirus (COVID-19) has already surpassed one million infected and claimed the lives of more than 67,000 people.

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