translated from Spanish: Former athletic director of Leverkusen praised Aránguiz: «It’s world-class»

Reiner Calmund, former sports director of Bayer Leverkusen, had positive concepts for Chilean midfielder Charles Aránguiz, who recently renewed until June 2023 his link with the cast of ‘aspirinas’. Calmund was left in memory of the Bundesliga draw for being the sporting director at the institution’s most glorious era, specifically when he won the UEFA Cup in 1988 and played the Champions League final in 2002.Queued for the renewal of the ‘Prince’, the native of Brehl declared german media member Bild «a giant success. In the history of all Bayer transfers, I see him almost on a par with Emerson (Brazilian player who defended the club from 1997 to 2000). Aránguiz also has a world-class rating for me.» In addition, the former 71-year-old leader avoided coming in to compare the born High Bridge to the club’s young midfielder Kai Havertz.» He’s the boss at the center of the field. A comparison with Kai Havertz would be unfair, because Havertz is significantly younger, playing more aggressively and spectacularly. But Aránguiz is so important to the team because of its versatility,» he said.

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