translated from Spanish: Justice decreed pre-trial detention for men who failed to quarantine twice in Puente Alto

On Monday, a man who twice violated quarantine in the commune of Puente Alto, according to the deputy prosecutor of the Southern Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office, Orietta Galdames, was remanded in custody, «today a male defendant was formalized, in view of the serious and repeated non-compliance with the mandatory quarantine, and also of the measure of nocturnal social isolation , decreed by the health authority,» detailedThe persecutor described the facts: «on May 3rd he was caught by Carabineros officials on public roads, specifically in the commune of Puente Alto, transiting on foot at a certain intersection, without having safe conduct or with the respective authorization to be there, in breach, at approximately 01:40 a.m. , the night isolation measure and also mandatory general quarantine.» On the same day, but a few hours later, at 9:40 a.m., the same defendant was also caught by Carabineros officials on public roads in the commune of Puente Alto, violating the mandatory quarantine for the second time,» he added. Consequently, the Public Prosecutor’s Office requested pre-trial detention for the subject, «on the grounds that the freedom of the subject constitutes a danger to the security of society, since the legal good that is affecting is public health». 120 days of investigation were issued.

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